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Investigative Accounting


Investigative Accounting is often used in criminal investigations and legal proceedings. Our services are provided to law firms, on behalf of their clients, such as corporations, insurance companies, governmental agencies and sometimes the courts themselves, in our capacity as either experts or consultants.


We provide credible, supportable, objective and independent analysis.


The goal of our procedures is to provide an onjective analysis for the client, counsel or the court to form the basis for discussion, debate and ultimately dispute resolution. The professionals at Rodefer Moss Consulting, LLC utilize accounting and investigative skills when conducting an investigation. We understand the need to respond promptly while communicating financial information clearly and concisely. 


Along with investigative accounting, we have extensive experience in the fields of economic damages, fraud investigations, claims assessment, financial due diligence, among many other areas. We quantify and communicate clearly the financial aspects of matters in question or dispute. Our investigative services bring together our skills as accountants and investigators.


Our experience includes working with national, regional and local law firms representing a myriad of large, medium and small companies, and individuals. We have also worked with insurance companies.


We can assist throughout the discovery process; from document requests, to interrogatories and depositions, as well as providing expert testimony or consulting.


Rodefer Moss Consulting, LLC is prepared to assist you if you have concerns about the risk of fraud in your organization. Whether we are on-site conducting procedures similar to agreed-upon, or whether we are called in specifically to perform an analysis on a particular concern, our team is trained to help identify potential weaknesses in practices and procedures that may allow or invite theft or fraud.


In some instances, we can recommend simple revisions to current practices that help address certain weaknesses. In other instances, you may need immediate intervention because fraud or embezzlement may have already occurred. Our staff is trained to help confirm and assess the financial situation and provide the support required to help recoup losses when feasible.

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